Essential Beginner Guide to Puff Bars

Puff Bars are disposable pod devices. The device is fully self-integrated with an internal battery that uses auto-activation and a button-less design.  The device also comes with a flavor pod, with more than 20 flavors available, which becomes activated once a user starts vaping. Ensure you buy your Puff Bars from reputable suppliers such as Eliquid Depot by visiting them here for the best quality Puff Bar Disposables.

A Detailed Look

Users have the option of choosing between two nicotine salt strengths, 20mg, and 50mg nicotine pods. The 20mg pod has just four flavors while the 50mg pod comes with twenty unique flavors. The battery and the flavor pod together can last as much as 200 puffs, after which the unit can be disposed of.

Puff Bars come with a form factor that’s quite close to what you’d see with other disposable vape pens. They come with straight edges and a very streamlined design.

Important components of the device are contained in the plastic exterior. On one end, there are two escape holes. This end is delineated by an arrow that points to where users should inhale the vapor. On the outer shell, there is the flavor, the nicotine, and a “Puff” sign at the other end of the arrow.

Even though the complete device is one solid color, Puff Bars feature color schemes that match the flavor in the pod, e.g. blue for Blue Razz, yellow for Pineapple Lemonade, and white for unflavored. There are no removable parts, no pods to remove, and no charging ports to recharge the battery. The device is meant to be disposable.


Puff Bars come with an internal 280mAh battery capable of powering the device for between 200 and 300 puffs, subject to usage. The battery is non-rechargeable, so users can throw away the device once the battery is spent.

E-Juice Pod

The e-cig features an internal 1.3ml non-refillable e-liquid pod. All the parts of the device are incorporated into its build, so they are inaccessible.

An inquisitive user may decide to open up the shell, either to find out what it contains or to try and find a means of refilling the pod to use up all leftover e-liquid. This would be so much hassle that it wouldn’t be worth their while. It would be better to just buy a new e-cig.

How Long Will It Last?

The entire device is scheduled to last for between 200 and 300 puffs. There is no information about whether the device can continue to work after 300 puffs or if it could fail before hitting the 200 puffs mark. There have been complaints from some users about devices whose batteries have failed well before they hit 200 puffs. However, since the devices cost $4 each, they shouldn’t be difficult to replace. And because users have an almost endless selection of flavors to choose from, they have ample reason to ditch a faulty unit in favor of a new one.